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This is a free section from the OSCI course.

In this demonstration we are using this video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTUcziYS1lk

12 seconds into the first clip you can see the car crash into the front yard of a house. Now, this is a very easy example as there is a lot of information available. However, this should give you a good example of just how much information is available, you just have to open your eyes. 

At the very start of the video you can tell what side of the road the driver is on and what side of the car the driver is sitting based on the angle the GPS device is facing. Knowing what side of the road the driver is on and what position the driver is in can help you narrow down what country the video is in. 

In this case, we could narrow down the location very quickly thanks to the GPS device.

I used warchframebyframe.com for this example, the direct link with this video is http://www.watchframebyframe.com/watch/yt/gTUcziYS1lk

Watchframebyframe.com is a very good tool for video intelligence gathering techniques. It allows you to slow down the video and, well, as mentioned in the name of the website. View the video frame by frame. 

Watch the video to see the process used to locate where this video was taken.