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Need more work? You need MyKludo!


Mykludo is an online platform that seeks to link the best investigators with clients seeking services in an efficient, secure environment.

Leveraging new technologies to release the constrains of traditional models of working, MyKludo investigators will be some of the most progressive agile thinkers in the industry. Eager to learn and eager to challenge traditional thought on how client needs can be met.

There are many different types of investigations and many different types of investigator, skills are wide ranging and necessarily so. Rarely in the field of any work do you need someone with the ability to apply their core skills to multiple environments, workplaces and people. Investigators need to adapt soft skills to meet the individuals in any case and the tenacity to deliver to a variety of legal and policy standards.

MyKludo seeks to get all that diversity in one place so the clients have the ability to find the right investigator.

Why MyKludo?

For nearly 20 years MyKludo founder Harriet Witchell has been an active member of the Private Investigation industry. Harriet was the founder and CEO of WISE Workplace, a specialist workplace investigation company that started out in Sydney and the ACT in 2001 and now services clients across Australia. After selling WISE Workplace in 2017 Harriet still wanted to create:

“I wanted to build something for the investigations industry. Something to give investigators a fair go, and an ability to put the best people in front of the clients.

Everyone struggles to find the right investigator from time to time, I hope that this tool will make it easier for everyone.”