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Mykludo is an online platform that seeks to link the best investigators with clients seeking services in an efficient, secure environment. Leveraging new technologies to release the constrains of traditional models of working, MyKludo investigators will be some of the...

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OSCI Course

OSCI stands for OSINT, Skip Tracing & Cyber Investigations. The OSCI course delves into the techniques used in these investigations and coaches you along the process. Our courses are not a simple tick and flick to move onto the...


For information about the OSCI course, corporate training, event speaking or anything else, please complete the below form.

Javascript in OSINT

Like everyone working in this industry, there are a lot of great websites and tools available. For the sites that I search a lot, Javascript (JS) can be a very useful way to have most of the sites all...

Video Locate

This is a free section from the OSCI course. In this demonstration we are using this video; 12 seconds into the first clip you can see the car crash into the front yard of a house. Now, this is a...

Basic Google Searches

Dumpster Diving

Dumpster Diving, not the first thing people think about when it comes to OSINT or investigations. Dumpster Diving is simply going through someone's rubbish bins to find evidence or leads.  A company can have the best security system and protocols...


I get asked a lot about data washes, normally people just want to know what a data wash actually does. One of the most common questions asked is “Does a data wash offer any real value?” The short answer to...
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Psychology of Skip Tracing

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